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Mike & Weired Scince 2 of a Kind Well Maybe not I just didn't have no where esle to put them LOL

Michael J Fox : Biff telling Marty to Make Like A Tree And Get Out Of Here
Michael J Fox: Mcfly Mcfly anybody home Biff knocking on Marty's head.
Weird Scince (The Movie): Lisa telling Whyett's mom what he does in the bathroom.
Weird Scince (The Movie): Lisa telling his parents what there is going to be at the party sex drugs rock n roll whips and chains men running around in their underwear your typical highschool party. Jokeing around of course LOL


OK I got more of Michael and a few more of Weird Scince I think. I got the Back To The Furture Theme but it didn't turn out so great but if you still want it I can send it to. Thanks for visiting and I hope to get more soon. I have so many pages to do and so little time so I guess I better run along :-)