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My Wavs Of Marilyn Monroe The greatest performer of all time

Marilyn monroe: Marilyn saying bye bye in her sexy voice.
Marilyn Monroe: Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Can't get enough of Marilyn Here's some pics I have of her

Marilyn Monroe: It's a pic of her can't remember which. I think this is one of her in some swimsuit pose.
Marilyn Monroe: Another Pic of Marilyn
Marilyn Monroe: Here's another one
Marilyn Monroe: Here we go again LOL
Marilyn Monroe: Yeppers another one LOL
Marilyn Monroe: So many pics so little time LOL
Marilyn Monroe: This is the last one Is that good or bad LOL


OK I'm going to be perfectly honest with you....The reason this is Titled CluessMary is I was going to make this a clueless site as well as Marilyn Monroe but I realized I would not have the space. This is my Third page at Tripod and I have another and going to have to get more I guess LOL. I will have the clueless one up. But First I have to get this one LOL Thanks for understanding Billy :-)